Special Education Processes, Procedures, & Resources


Special Education Processes, Procedures, and Resources:

The purpose of this site is to assist you in navigating the, at times, complex special education system. Below are links to resources to support your understanding of the different processes and procedures, including evaluations, eligibility determinations, reevaluations, and IEP meetings and development.

Please remember to reach out to the Special Services Department should you have any additional questions. Remember we are a team, who working together will best meet the needs of our children!

Acronym & Abbreviation List

Accommodations in IEPs

Basic Guide to Special Ed for Parents

NJ Dyslexia Handbook

Evaluation & IEP Timeline

Explanation of Processes

504 Plan vs IEP

Parent Participation Meeting Guide

Screen & Evaluation for Learning Disability/Dyslexia

Specific Learning Disability/Dyslexia