Mental Health Crisis Guidance

A Psychiatric emergency/crisis includes any of the following:

  • Statements about wanting to die; engaging in talk or actions about activities which could result in serious harm or death
  • Statements about wanting to seriously hurt or kill someone else
  • Out of control behavior: explosive, aggressive behavior which cannot be controlled and/or refusal to follow rules which poses a safety concern, i.e. running away, destroying property, refusal to attend treatment program

Should a psychiatric emergency arise, your options include:

  • Call 911 when there is risk of imminent and serious harm to your child or someone else
  • Take your child to the nearest emergency room, or call Police if they are making threats to hurt him/herself, making threats to hurt someone else or are displaying out of control behavior
  • Contact county PESS - Psychiatric Evaluation Screening Services (see below)

PES - Psychiatric Evaluation Screening/Services

24-hour emergency mental health care, including risk assessments, screenings, crisis intervention and stabilization, psychiatric emergency services and access to mental health resources


Saint Clare's Hospital

25 Pocono Rd, Denville


973-625-0280 (after hours hotline)


Morristown Medical Center

100 Madison Ave,

Morristown, NJ 07960



NJ Department of Children & Families: www.state.nj/dcf/families/hotlines